Marcum, Walker, Tungate and Vandyke score opening night wins at Mt Lawn

Jeff Marcum of Morristown, Andrew Walker of Sulphur Springs, Lenny Tungate of New Castle and Ben Vandyke of Morristown won the feature events in their respective divisions on Saturday night at Mt Lawn.

Marcum took the lead of the thirty lap Late Model feature on lap 10 from Scott Knepley of Greensboro and led the rest of the way for the victory.Knepley outgunned Jason Thompson of Shirley into the first turn and led the first 9 laps.Neil Marcum the winnerís brother moved into second on lap eleven and remained there to the finish.Eric Evans of Greenfield finished third followed by Brandon Mefford of Spiceland, Knepley, Thompson, Bill Pierce Jr of New Castle and Kent Carson of Richmond.Knepley and Evans tangled in the short turn on lap 13 sending Knepley to the tail for the restart.Bill Evans of Greenfield and Bill Clark of Rushville did not start the feature.In the second heat for the Late Models Clark and Knepley got together exiting turn one sending Clark off the track at the pit entrance and slamming hard into a tree at the bank of Duck Creek.Clark was unhurt but is car was severely damaged.Bill Evans tagged the short turn wall in practice putting him out of action for the remainder of the evening.Evans set fast time at 17.147; Jeff Marcum won the Mt Lawn Car Show Dash for Cash and the first heat with the second heat going to Knepley.

Andrew Walker and David McConnell staged an epic battle over the final 18 laps of the Van Hoy Oil Thunder Car 30 lap feature.The duo ran side by side trading the lead several times over the final stages of the race while Jeff Marcum and Jameson Owens of Greenfield had their own battle for third.Walker was scored as the race leader only on laps 16, 19 and the one that counted lap 30.As the pair prepared to enter the short turn on the final lap got together giving Walker a hole at the bottom of the track to pass McConnell and take the win.McConnell finished second followed by Owens, Jeff Marcum, Danny Key of Rushville, David Clark of Muncie, Jim Walker of Cambridge City, Jesse Bilbrey of Anderson, Dustin Collie of Rushville and Mark West of Parker City.Fast time went to Marcum at 18.437, Andrew Walker on the VanHoy Oil Dash for Cash with the heats going to McConnell and Owens.

In the Hornet feature Alex Bailey of New Castle led the first two laps when Sean Cougill of New Castle took over and led the next six laps.Tungate took the lead on lap 9 and led the rest of the way.Joyce Dyer of Greenfield finished second followed by Larry Hughes Jr. of Greensboro, Jeff Sorrell of New Castle, Randy Owens of Anderson, Bailey, Cody Riley of Middletown, Les Tolliver of New Castle, Emily Henderson of New Castle and Cougill.Owens set fast time for the Hornets at 19.724.Tungate took the Wilburn Culbertson Car Show Dash for Cash with Keith Morris of New Castle and Riley winning the heats.

Vandyke won the Rookie Hornet Feature leading all the way.Terry Neal of New Castle finished second followed by closely by John Shelton of New Castle, Ryan Reno of New Castle and Owen Slavey of New Castle.Vandyke also won the Dash for Cash with Neal winning the heat.

Next week will be the May 5-0ís at Mt Lawn with 50 lap features in the Late Model, Thunder Car and Hornet divisions with a 25 lap feature for the Rookie Hornets.