Fan night big hit at Mt Lawn

The largest crowd of the season turned out for Fan Appreciation Night at Mt Lawn and they were not disappointed with the action.

After the conclusion of qualifications the activities started out with three vintage UMRA Midgets taking a few laps around the famous speedway.  Next came the on track autograph and photo session when all the cars were brought to the track and fans were allowed to come down and meet their favorite drivers and take some photos.   Big Wheel races were next with over 50 kids participating,  Winner in the 3-4 year group were Gage Brody, Cain Nelson and  Aiden Riedenour, 5-6 year olds Logan Reno, Tucker Gross and Colton West and in the 7-8 year olds Clayton Reno, Andrew Evans and Jared Smith. Then came the nickel scramble where kids in the same age groups got the opportunity to pick up as many nickels as they could from the track while the supply lasted.  $300 worth of nickels where picked in just over 1 minute.  An annual attraction to Fan Appreciation Night is the police dog demo handler Bryan Pryor of Shirley and companion Haron, a three year old Wolf Sheppard, brought down runner Austin Pryor of Shirley to the delight of the crowd.

The first event on the racing program got underway shortly after 8:00 with Street Drags and Kenny Boykin of New Castle in a Mustang beat Brandon Foust of Rushville in Chevy truck.

Late Model feature was up next and the race was not decided until the final turn.  David McConnell of Shirley led the first two laps when Brandon Mefford of Spiceland took over and led the next 27 laps of the 30 lap affair.  LJ Lines of Lewisville moved into second position when he got around McConnell on lap 4. Jason Thompson of Shirley got around McConnell for third on lap 6 and the duo of Lines and Thompson set sail for Mefford.  Lines got closer to Mefford as the race unfolded while putting a little distance between himself and Thompson.  Meanwhile Scott Knepley of Spiceland who was nursing a sour running engine got around McConnell on lap 8 but could not close up on the front three cars.  As Mefford and Lines exited the short turn coming to the checkered flag they tangled and Thompson got into both cars.  When the dust cleared Mefford and Lines were sitting stalled on the race track and Thompson was able to get back under control to take the win.  Knepley was able to avoid race cars and a sheet metal cluttered straight away to take second followed by Wes Russell Jr of Muncie, McConnell, David Clark of Muncie, Bill Pierce Jr of New Castle, Roy Young of Greenfield, Line, Mefford and Kent Carson of Richmond.  Thompson set fast time at 16.894.

Eric Evans of Greenfield made a successful debut in his new VanHoy Oil Thunder Car by leading the final 28 laps for the win.  Ryan Claborn of Knightstown led the first two laps and after that the race belonged to Evans.  Wes Russell Sr of Muncie finished second followed by Nick Warner of Anderson, Jim Walker of Cambridge City, Jason Walker of Sulphur Springs, Claborn, David Clark of Muncie, Zach Lacy of New Castle, Dustin Foust of Rushville and Dylan Sexton of Greenfield.  Mark West of Parker City finished 11th followed by Johnny Magee of Carthage. Magee set fast time at 18.330.

In the Hornet division for the second week in a row Larry Hughes Jr. of Greensboro pulled off some late race heroics by leading the final two laps of the race for the win.  Joe Jennings of Richmond led the first 7 laps giving way to Jeff Sorrell of New Castle on lap 8 who led the next three laps .Chris Jennings of Richmond got around Sorrell on lap 11 and led until Hughes got around him on lap 24.  Chirs Jennings did finish second followed by Keith Morris of New Castle, Nick Warner of Anderson, Sorrell, Joyce Dyer of Greenfield, Alex Bailey of New Castle, Emily Henderson of New Castle and Joe Jennings. Scott Kilgore of New Castle finished 11th followed by James Massengale of New Castle, Taylor Wyman of Selma, Jared Keller of Anderson, Josh Neal of New Castle and Joseph Jennings of Richmond.  Hughes set fast time at 19.537.

Rookie Hornet action was pretty much a repeat of last week as Terry Neal of New Castle picked up the win over Rodney Sutton of New Castle, John Sexton of Greenfield, Joe Edwards of New Castle and Nathan Mahaffey of New Castle.

In the UMRA feature Terry Goff of Fortville cleared the first turn wall and got collected by the catch fence tearing down 75 feet of fence and ending up sitting on all fours about 10 feet on the wrong side of the wall.  Goff was uninjured in the spectacular crash and was able to restart the feature.  Complete UMRA results can be found on the UMRA website.

Next week is Season Championship night at Mt Lawn with 50 lap features in the Late Model, Thunder Car, Hornet, UMRA Midget divisions and a 25 lap feature in the Rookie Hornets.  Most point titles have yet to be decided with Scott Knepley having a 10 point lead over Bill Pierce in the Late Models, Keith Morris leads Andy Jennings in the Hornet points by 6 points, Jason Walker has a 4 point lead over David Clark and Terry Neal has a 52 point lead over Ben VanDyke of Morristown.