2012 Mt. Lawn Speedway Hornet Rules


1. Any 4 - cylinder car ( front or rear wheel drive ) or 6 - cylinder FWD only, with wheel base

between 92" and 108" . COMPLETE STOCK BODY, interior, FRAME , and SUSPENSION. No

cameros or Firebirds or Convertibles. NO TURBOS !! No bracing anywhere except drivers

compartment. Dash, steering, and pedals MUST remain stock for make and model.

 2. NO Weight ballast / LEAD etc. of any kind ALLOWED !

 3. All insulation under hood must be removed.

 4. OEM Carb or fuel injection for make and model.

 5. OEM transmission for make and model.

 6. OEM manifold with exhaust pipe exiting behind driver.

 7. Battery must be securely fastened in stock location.

 8. Approved DOT passenger car radial tires (60,65 or 70 series only). NO raised tread or

performance type tires ie Falkens or other performance type tires. Wheels must be of the same size and offset.

 9. Gas tank may remain in stock location if positioned in front of rear axle , if stock tank is

behind rear axle, it must be replaced with fuel cell or 6 gal. boat tank. Boat tank or cell

MUST be covered, secured, in trunk area

10. Drivers door must be welded closed. All glass (except front windshield) must be

removed before arrival at track. All flammable interior parts MUST be removed ; carpet,

rear and passenger seats, headliner. NO antifreeze allowed,

11. ROLL CAGE: Full 4- post roll cage must be used with a minimum of 3 driver side door

bars. Cage must be welded or bolted to the floor.

12. Snell helmet , functional seat belts, gloves and a fire retardant RACING JACKET

mandatory. Racing seats and five piont seat belts can be used and retained if car is


13. Window net is mandatory. Hans, Hutchens or NECK COLLAR is mandatory.

14. Number must be 18" on doors and roof number MUST be readable from scoring



 TOP FIVE FINISHERS are subject to $800.00 car claim by track, drivers, or fans.

 Claim window 3 minutes after feature events; first come (cash) claims to be made at

scoring tower. $500.00 will be paid to owner of claimed car. $ 300.00 will repaid to

claimer after the car has raced 2 times. If a claim is REFUSED car and driver are

DQ for that event.


1. None of these rules are meant to imply or guarantee if followed those said rules will

prevent injury or death.

2. The definition of stock part: A part that was mass-produced for the auto industry, not


3. The definition of O.E.M. : As it was produced by the original manufacturer for the make

model and year of a particular car or style of car. ( Original Equipment from Manufacturer


4. Any subject not specifically addressed in these rules does not imply approval.

5. The interpretation and intent of these rules and any subject not specifically addressed

in these rules will be left to the discretion of the track officials. Track officials reserve the

right to inspect any part of any car at any time.

6. All cars must have some type of wrecker hookup.