2012 Mt Lawn Speedway General Rules



        These are the rules and regulations that govern the pit and racing areas of Mount Lawn Speedway.


1.     Drivers are eligble to drive in the Late Model division and the Thunder Car division on the same night.  Hornet drivers and Rookie Hornet drivers may only compete in one division per night.

        All persons entering the track, pit area, or infield must sign a liability release and waver, and must wear a         valid pit pass on their person in clear view.

2.     No intoxicating beverages may be consumed in the pit area during the racing events.

3.     Any owner, driver or pit crew member starting or participating in any activity considered by management to be unsportsmanlike will be suspended and/or fined.

        Owners and/or drivers will be held responsible for the actions of their pit crew.

        Any attempt to do bodily harm to another person while on the speedway property will result in a minimum 2 weeks suspension. If a driver is suspended the suspension includes both the car and the driver (No exceptions)

4.     Anyone towing here for the first time, not meeting our rules and specifications may be permitted to compete at the discretion of the track officials.

5.     Repairs will not be allowed to be made to racecars while on the track or in the infield.

        During the race repairs may only be made while on the pit lane. Cars that return to the track from the pit lane during a yellow flag will resume racing at the rear of the field. During a red flag your position will be held    until the flagman signals for the start of the pace lap to begin, then you must restart at the rear of the field. Once a car has gone behind the scales it will no longer be allowed to return to the race.

6.     Any car returning to the race will be directed onto the track by the pit steward.

7.     Cars that cannot continue in the race will pull off of the track to the infield. During a yellow flag these cars will then be allowed to enter the pits, if they can do so under their own power.

8.     If before the completion of the first lap a yellow flag is displayed the race will be restarted in the original order.

9.     If during the race a yellow flag is displayed the cars will be positioned in the order in which they crossed the start/finish line on the previous lap. Any car involved in the incident will be sent to the rear of the field. If the         incident completely blocks the track the officials will decide who was involved, and who was simply stopped because of the incident.

10.   Any driver change must be reported to the pit stewards prior to the start of the race. Only a qualified car is eligible for a driver change. Cars with driver changes will start at the rear of the field. Any failure to report may result in disqualification.

11.   Rough driving, excessive bumping and pushing, throwing of water, oil or gas, dragging parts, flat tires, driving off of the racing surface or any other unsafe condition could result in disqualification.

12.   Any car running .3 second faster than it's qualifying time will be disqualified. If you think this may happen you can elect to assume fast time and start the race at the rear of the field.

13.   In the event of a dispute, only the drivers and/or owners involved will be heard.

        Pit crew entering into the discussion could cause the car and driver represented to be disqualified.

14    .Safety recommendations may be made by the Tech officials, owners will have 1 week to make the changes. Unsafe cars will not be allowed to compete.

15.   Each car must be neatly painted and have an approved number 18" high on the right side of the car and on the top of the car facing the right side.

16.   Protests must be filed in writing to the track official prior to the start of the feature event. All protests must specify the part of the car or the rule that is believed to be in violation. The written protest must be accompanied by a $100 protest fee.  Protest after the feature race will not be allowed


17.   A protest regarding the scoring must be filed in writing to the track official no latter than ten minutes after the results are posted on the pay-off window.

18    Only a car owner or driver may file a protest. All protests must be in writing  This is to insure a record for future reference.

19    The Henry County Sheriffs Department will be the security at the track. The deputies will have complete authority to enforce all Federal, State and Local laws. (All of these laws will apply on the Speedway property.)

20    During the running of any event, only the track officials and safety  personnel will be allowed in the infield and tower.

21    When the wreckers, ambulance, fire crew or track crew come onto the track any driver that does not yield the right of way will be sent to the rear of the field. This is to help insure the safety of all competitors as well as the timeliness of the clean-up.

        Only track officials may direct you to move around the incident without penalty.

22.   All drivers in all classes must comply with the following minimum safety recommendations.

        A. An approved racing helmet.   Snell 95 or higher.

        B. An approved fire suit.

        C. An Approved 5 point safety harness and crotch belt. Min. 3" wide. Belts must not be older than 1995. A window net is highly recommended. Window nets are mandatory.

23.   All cars must comply with the following minimum safety recommendations. Each class has specific recommendations.  

24.   The track management reserves the right to add to or change any of these minimum safety recommendations at any time.

25.   These general rules are the minimum standards for all competitors, owners, drivers and pit crew members. The rules and recommendations herein are not a guarantee against injury or death. The interpretation and intent of these rules and any subject not specifically addressed in these rules will be left to the discretion of the track officials.