23 Street Stocks entered for the Bob Fields 200 with a few more expected.  The list will be update at entries are received
Car # Driver Hometown
1 Ryan Amonett New Castle, IN
3 Jake McElfresh Elwood, IN
8 Brandon Burkhart R Franklin, IN
9 Dallas Frueh R North Aurora, IL
13 Tyler Hopkins New Castle, IN
22 James Kirby III Indianapolis, IN
23 Thomas Skiles Indianapolis, IN
26 Jordan Hahn Indianapolis, IN
27 Josh Poore Anderson, IN
28 Jason Thompson Shirley, IN
31 Tyler Marsh Muncie, IN
33 Calvin Parham Knightstown, IN
51 Colby Lane Knightstown, IN
54 Nathan Greene Muncie, IN
55 Phil Jenkins Greenfield, IN
57 Daniel Adams Indianapolis, IN
68 J.J. Schafer Bremen, IN
73 Jason Atkinson New Castle, IN
84 Andrew Teepe Indianapolis, IN
85 Alan Williams Jr.. Louisville, KY
86 Randy Anderson Knightstown, IN
95 Brian Hopkins New Castle, IN
99 Fred Hopkins New Castle, IN
23 Cars Entered as of May 13 at 5pm